Brawl Stars: is it worth buying Mandy’s Brawl Pass?

After this first week of the season in Brawl Stars, many of you will already be approaching that Level 30 with which to start unlocking Mandy, and it being practically impossible to have already collected the necessary color credits, the big question is how much it is worth acquiring her Brawl Pass.

The rule seems clear, and it is that almost all the new brawlers start out broken, or at least, quite correct and balanced, which helps us to burst the rivals while they get used to playing against the new character. But sometimes there are exceptions.

Is Mandy one of those exceptions? Well, the truth is that his skill kit is quite juicy, but we better read the fine print. And in that concept, the experts are the ones who can best help us, as is the case with the always reliable Ash. Showing us the harsh reality and the handicap of his immobility passive.

She can become the brawler with the highest range in the entire game, yes, but staying totally still doesn’t help you not get destroyed on maps like Survival or Restricted Zone. As well as in Atrapagemas. And yes, it is true that his super is a real nightmare for the opponent, but it is not so easy to load, especially if our objective is the Heist box, for example.

Mandy tier list for all game modes 🍬

She has a very deadly Super, but takes a while to charge and is very “hit or miss.” Standing still for extended range also makes her an easy target. Combined with low DPS, she struggles vs tanky comps. #BSTiers #BrawlStars

— Code: AshBS (@AshClashYT) January 9, 2023

Where it is worth it is in Star Hunting and especially Knockout, because playing passively, charging the super little by little, we can destroy the round or load ourselves with stars. But the truth is that being good in only two modes doesn’t even seem to be balanced, since its damage is not as powerful as that of other brawlers even, something that would have to be improved with a buff.

It is seen that the fear of that immense super has taken its toll, and it has finally arrived weaker than expected, before its statistics were known. And they’re right, buffing the super could make it broken, but a simple damage buff, without helping to charge the super faster, would help make it a juicy pick in maingames.


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