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The first Brawl Stars update of the year is here! Enter the Biodome with a brand new FLYING Brawler, a new Brawl Pass season, new skins, an environment, and lots of other new tidbits. Besides new features, the update comes with balance changes as usual. Check out the complete patch notes below.

Biodome Update Maintenance 02/03

  • Fixed an SFX issue for Nian Nita’s pin
  • Fixed Meg visually spawning as a mech after death
  • Fixed random pets spawning when using a spawning ability just before death
  • Fixed Captain Crow poison stacking
  • Ash “Rotten Banana” now gives 40% rage for 40% of current health. The damage from the gadget no longer gives extra rage
  • Fixed Grom and Squeak gadgets revealing brawlers in bushes in Leon’s Lollipop Drop area

New Brawler

Eve – Chromatic Brawler


Eve is a small flea joining Ruffs’ trio! She’s a loving mother who travels in a spaceship trying to find a warm and fluffy place for her babies.

  • Passive skill: She can hover over water
  • Main attack: Egg Shooter
    • Eve shoots three eggs in a row, each one being bigger and dealing more damage than the previous.
  • Super: Baby Boom
    • Eve releases a big egg, which incubates a group of hatchlings. Hatchlings attach to the closest enemy and deal damage over time unless destroyed before reaching their target.
  • Gadget 1: Gotta go!
    • Eve jumps away and leaves a hatchling behind.
  • Gadget 2: Motherly Love
    • Hatchlings spawned from an active big egg will now heal allies over time instead of dealing damage.
  • SP 1: Unnatural Order
    • Reverses the order of the eggs shot by her Egg Shooter.
  • SP 2: Happy Surprise
    • Hitting a brawler with the largest egg from her Egg Shooter spawns a hatchling.

New Brawl Pass – Biodome

  • The Biodome
Brawl Stars Biodome Update – Full Patch Notes - Brawl News

New Skins

  • Biodome Skins: Firefly Rico (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Spiky Eve (Brawl Pass Skin)
  • Wasp Bo (Power League)
  • Lion Bull (Club League)

The following skins will be offered as an IAP (in-app purchase) first, and later they’ll become available to purchase with gems:

  • Ivy Belle
  • Mr.Fly
  • Mantis Rosa
  • Corrupted Sprout
  • Doctor Edgar
  • Beetle Meg
  • Bunny Grom (Easter)

True Silver & Gold skins:

  • Sprout
  • Surge
  • Ruffs
  • Buzz

Skin VFX updates

  • Mecha Paladin Surge
  • Amber de la Vega

Exclusive Skins

  • Exclusive skins from Brawl Pass and Power League will become part of the Archive and become available again 1 year after their original release during limited, exclusive offers
  • Seasonal skins will move to the Archive after appearing for the last time and then re-surface every so often
  • The first content affected by this is all content released in Season 11 and beyond, i.e. previous exclusive content won’t be re-released
  • FREE exclusive skins (ex. Anniversary Skins) will not become purchasable in the future

New Pins


  • BSC esports
  • Eve
  • Spiky eve
  • Lantern Brawl pin

Not Animated

  • Biodome Skin pins
  • Easter Pin

Pin Improvements

  • Dynamike
  • Bo
  • Tick
  • Stu
  • Jackie
  • Frank
  • Griff
  • Sandy
  • Colette
  • Ash


  • Lantern Brawl challenge – (Pin) 02/04 to 03/04
  • Easter Challenge (Pin) 16/04 – 17/04

Game modes


  • 3vs3 mode
  • To win, defeat 8 brawlers before the enemy team, or defeat more enemy Brawlers than the oppsite team in 2 minutes.


  • 3vs3 mode
  • Push your payload by standing near it. Standing near the opponent’s payload slows it down.
  • Be the first team to push your payload to the goal to win the match!

Game mode rotation changes

  • Bounty/Knockout, Heist/Hot zone, 7 maps each, 24h/map
  • Gem grab, showdown, Brawl ball 14 maps, 24h/map
  • Siege is not in rotation – Will still be in friendly rooms and in Map Maker
  • Weekend event teaser has been moved to the end of the list rather than being first
  • Showdown now has a bigger game mode banner
  • Removed Super City Rampage PvE mode
  • Added Knockout to Map Maker
  • Basket Brawl returns as a seasonal mode
  • Duels will also become seasonal this season

Balance changes – Buffs


  • Mr.P has been on the weaker side for a while and when picked, “Handle with care” is the main Star Power choice. With this Star Power being baseline, it should make the character a lot more interesting overall.
    • Handle with care is now baseline
    • New handle with care: Every 4 seconds, the next briefcase deals 40% more damage after bouncing
    • Revolving door: Existing functionality removed
    • New revolving door: Spawners have 20% more hp and 30% more damage


  • Brock Much like with Mr. P, playing Brock without incendiary just felt bad. Making it baseline allows us to bring more viability into his kit earlier on, and also allows us to repurpose his SP into something more interesting rather than both being tied to his basic attack.
    • Incendiary is now baseline
    • New SP: Brock super fires 44% more rockets


  • She has been in a good place, but Counter crush has been crushing her second Star Power option, hence why we strenghtened her hat to make it more of a lucrative choice.
  • Hardy Hat 15→20% reduction


  • Buffing honeycomb allows for seasoned Bea players to make quite interesting plays by holding the second shot, reducing dps but being able to soak significantly more damage.
    • Honeycomb 20→30% reduction


  • Gale has been a niche pick, and Blustery blow even more so. It should now be a much more attractive choice, and should excel on certain maps in certain comps.
    • Blustery Blow 1→1.5s stun


  • Griff has been feeling the inflation lately, so we’re giving him a raise to combat that.
    • Base damage – 220→260 damage per shot


  • Our favorite doggo is currently a very niche pick, and only really viable with great coordination. Giving him some more combat power of his own should allow him to do better versus more brawlers, and also when played solo.
    • Base damage – 500→560 damage per shot


  • Max hasn’t seen the limelight for quite a while, and adding some raw power should go a long way in addressing that.
    • Base damage – 300→340 damage per shot

Health gear

  • Reworked: Regenerating health passively heals for an additional 30/40/50%

Balance changes – Nerfs


  • Even after the nerf, Grom has been overperforming on most maps and modes. Making his projectile speed constant means he can’t rely on auto-aim as well, and also has less burst up close, meaning his natural counters have an easier time to actually counter him.
    • Grom projectile speed is now constant (same travel time no matter range)
    • Reduce super projectile ranges from 25→17
    • Super charge is now 6 hits (down from 7, buff (bugfix))


  • She has been a little too good of a pick due to her versatility. Very slightly reducing her base damage allows more brawlers to combat her 1 on 1, and requires more coordination from her teammates to finish brawlers off once she hits her black hole.
    • Base damage – 460→440 damage per shot


  • Darryl has seen some better times due to his recent changes, but his rolling shield is a bit too strong, especially when chaining supers, making him deal way too much damage while soaking a lot.
    • Rolling shield from 90% → 50% damage reduction

New Game Environment

  • Biodome

10 New 2nd Gadgets

  • Colette: Gotcha!
    • For 5 seconds after activation, Colette’s shots heal herself for 80% of the damage dealt
  • Lola: Stunt Double
    • Lola and her Ego switch locations and recover 350 health.
  • Bibi: Extra Sticky
    • Bibi’s next Spitball slows down enemies on hit for 2 seconds!
  • Emz: Acid Spray
    • Emz’s next blast of hair spray can pass through walls but deals 20% less damage.
  • Grom: Radio Check
    • Grom’s next attack throws 3 Buds in rapid succession.
  • Byron: Full Treatment
    • Byron’s next attack shoots 3 smaller darts in a cone, but they are 20% less effective for damage and 40% for healing.
  • Squeak: Residue
    • Squeak’s next exploding goo blobs give allies sight into bushes for 15 seconds.
  • Belle: Reverse Polarity
    • Belle’s next Electro-Bolt bounces from walls.
  • Fang: Roundhouse Kick
    • Fang spins and hits all enemies around him, stunning them for 1.0 seconds.
  • Ash: Rotten Banana
    • Ash loses 20% current health and instantly gains 50% rage

Power League

  • Names are now hidden for opponents in Mythic 1 and above (was Masters) for PL and CL matches
  • Losing a PL match 1-2 results in less Elo reduction, while winning 2-0 results in a bigger Elo gain
  • Two new icons

Clubs & Club League

  • Day 3 in CL has 6 tickets instead of 4, and points gained is increased by 50%
  • Power points are now purchasable unlimited times per day
  • Presidency over a Club is now automatically rotated after the Club President is inactive for at least 14 days
  • Club Members who left or were kicked from a Club during a running season will now be eligible for reward based on their contribution

FTUE (First time user experience) Improvements

  • Changed first mode from gem grab to Solo SD
    • Affects early game mode unlock (SD→gem grab) and trophy road progression (10 instead of 8 trophies a win)
    • Changed Nita unlock from 10 to 15 trophies
  • Changed gems in very first tutorial to power cubes


  • Wildcard power points can now drop from boxes
    • Starts dropping at a 10% chance per box once the player has 16 or more brawlers unlocked.
      • This means that you have a higher chance of getting WCPP if opening 10 smaller boxes rather than a mega box, however since the amounts are smaller you get, it evens out no matter what box you open.
    • Converts ALL power points in a box to WCPP instead
  • Auto Ban/Pick for Friendly Power Matches
    • The game now will automatically ban and pick brawlers for players if they don’t react in time

Server Regions

  • New Server Region: Taiwan
  • Re-enabling Server Regions: Sydney (ANZ) and Bahrain (MENA)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed El Tigro super VFX
  • Fixed Freeze frames when using bush revealing gadgets

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